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Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Bobcats talking Kris Humphries for Ben Gordon but nothing imminent

Humphries for Gordon? Good deal for both teams?


Multiple sources report the Nets and Bobcats are discussing a Kris Humphries for Ben Gordon trade. Chris Broussard, Howard Beck, Tim Bontemps, Ken Berger, David Aldridge, Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer and NetsDaily all are reporting the discussions.

Broussard reports the talks are not likely to produce an "imminent" deal and Beck quotes a source as saying "nothing concrete" has emerged. Beck adds that "Charlotte proposed the deal. So it would appear it's up to the Nets to decide whether to pull the trigger." Bonnell confirms the talks from the Bobcats side, adding, "nothing close." Bontemps calls the talks "preliminary" but the breadth of the reports indicates the talks are indeed serious.

Only Aldridge put somewhat of a damper on the talks, tweeting, "Ben Gordon-Kris Humphries deal has been discussed by Brooklyn/Charlotte, but is a back burner possibility for now."

Broussard first broke the news with a tweet shortly before 4:30 pm ET. In his story, Broussard describes the Nets rationale this way, "The Nets' interest in Gordon stems from their need for better ways to space the floor. Ranked 21st in the league in 3-point shooting, Brooklyn regularly has seen opponents clog the lane."

Later Broussard tweeted the word that the Nets are also "interested" in Josh Smith: :Source close to situation says "60 percent" chance ATL trades Josh Smith b4 deadline. Brooklyn one of several teams interested." Any trade for Smith would almost require use of Humphries.

Rumors of such discussions have been circulating without specifics the last week or so. Humphries and Gordon have similar contracts with Hump owed $24 million and Gordon $25.6 million, both over two years, permitting a one-for-one trade. (Gordon's contract does include a player option for next year, but it's expected he will exercise it since his market value is not what it once was.)

The Nets are believed to be looking for either a sweet shooting swing man or a power forward at the deadline, which is in 20 days. The Bobcats were in talks to sign Humphries last summer, reportedly offering him $27 million over three years. While Hump's numbers have been down this season, the 29-year-old Gordon's PER is the highest its been in five years. He's averaging 13.1 points in 22 minutes on 44.1 percent shooting overall and 41.7 percent from deep. All his appearances this season have been off the bench. He is seen as one of the NBA's worst defenders, however.

Of particular importance to the Nets, Gordon is one of the best corner three-point shooters in the game, at around 50 percent for his career. Such a weapon would open the lanes for Brook Lopez even more.