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Shooters shoot and Mirza Teletovic is definitely one of them

Will he shoot if he gets in? Yes, but will he get in?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Over at SportSport Bosnia, the messages of encouragement file at an accelerated rate as game time approaches (in the middle of the night, Sarajevo time). Sensitive to the criticism of their favorite on the internet, they're posting videos of LeBron James and Kobe Bryant hoisting up trios of airballs. They are unfazed by Mirza Teletovic's difficulties in Detroit.

Neither is he.

"It happens," he told beat writers in Washington. "You’ve just got to keep on going. It doesn’t matter what happens. I’m a shooter. You miss some, and you make some. That’s just how it is."

His coach said it won't affect his decision-making either. "Absolutely not," said P.J. Carlesimo. "That’s an aberration," Carlesimo said. "Mirza’s not gonna shoot three airballs or miss shots. I do think it’s hard for him, sitting on the bench and then get thrown in."

Teletovic was asked if he felt bad disappointing the Bosnian contingent that showed up to cheer him in Detroit and by extension, those back home offering their words of encouragement.

"They come and they really don’t care [how I do]," Said Teletovic, whose nickname back home is King of Bosnia. "They just love me for who I am and what I’ve done."

That's confidence in any language.