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"The Association" goes on the road with the Brooklyn Nets

Scott Halleran

The latest episode of "The Association: Brooklyn Nets" takes a look at the latter half of the Nets road trip to the Garden, Minneapolis, Memphis and Houston, four games in five games, two wins, two losses.

While the game action and post-game analysis takes up a lot of the episode, there's background on how Tim Walsh and his assistant trainer, Robbie Hoenshel, work with players before the game (often renting a suite so they can use one of the rooms as a makeshift trainers' room); and how advance scout, Brendan O'Connor, plies his trade, which is basically basketball espionage (using custom software to get the data to the coaching staff before a game.) There are also cameos with Rod Boone and Stefan Bondy.

There's also a lot about preparing for the grind of the road ... and the disappointment of a two-game losing streak away from home. The full episode airs Friday night at 6:30 pm ET, on NBA TV, just before the Nets take on the Wizards. It replays at noon on Sunday.