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Jerry Stackhouse wants house-cleaning at NBA Players Union

Patrick McDermott

Jerry Stackhouse outspoken? No!

Stack lived up to his reputation as a reporter's dream Wednesday when he told Vincent Goodwill of the Detroit News and Tim Bontemps of the Post that it was time for big changes at the National Basketball Players Association, the players union, starting with Billy Hunter, the NBPA executive director but also including Derek Fisher, the former Laker and league president.

"I think we need wholesale changes all the way around," Stackhouse said. "I think everybody's pointing the finger at Billy, and rightfully so. He's made some wrong moves, but at the same time, we've sat and allowed those moves to be made."

Hunter is the subject of a joint federal investigation by the United States Attorney's Office and the Labor Department. This follows an outside counsel's report that the union was rife with self-dealing and nepotism. What's more, Hunter signed a $10.5 million contract to remain as executive director, without the requisite two-thirds vote. Hunter is now on a paid leave of absence.

“It’s horrible,” Stackhouse told Tim Bontemps. “I think everything needs to be revamped.

The Nets player rep, Kris Humphries, has said Hunter would find little support on the Nets roster.