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Embarrassing shooting display by Mirza Teletovic

Air ball, Air ball, Air ball! That's three.


Perhaps trying to prove himself, perhaps a bit rusty, perhaps just a bad night. Whatever Mirza Teletovic's excuse, his three straight air balls, followed by a quick hook from P.J. Carlesimo, qualifies as the big Bosnian's worst moments so far this season.

And it got notice. Across the web, starting with an video entitled, "Benched for shooting airballs," the Nets forward was the subject of some ribbing, not all of it good-natured.

Kurt Helin of NBC Sports called it, " an impressive shooting display. Not in a good way, but impressive nonetheless."

Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated called it, "windy," "incredibly unusual," and "amazing," suggesting "Now would be a pretty good time for Nets forward Mirza Teletovic to claim he’s suffering from a minor elbow injury."

Dan Devine of Yahoo! offers shooters' advice of keep shooting but noted that "each worse than the last."

Jason McIntyre of USA Today and Big Lead Sports wrote that Teletovic "seemed to warm up his hands" after the first miss, but to no avail.

Riley Schmitt of Rant Sports said simply, "I am not going to lie, that is one of the worst things that I have seen from a NBA player.

No word yet from Teletovic, and the big Bosnia sports site, Sport Sport Bosnia, has nothing on it. What made the scene all the more embarrassing ... and sad: Detroit fans from the war-torn country formed a large contingent at the Palace at Auburn Hills and before he got in had chanted, "We Want Mirza." He quieted them.