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Are Brooklyn Nets Ready to deal Kris Humphries? Vecsey says contract "movable ... desirable"


The Nets wished a happy birthday (28) to Kris Humphries Wednesday. Will they be bidding him farewell next?

The hints that the Nets are willing to move him have been cropping up in the last few days, the most recent (and most telling) from Fred Kerber, who in a post-game story about Mirza Teletovic, wrote...

"Nothing is imminent but the Nets are confident they could move one of their bigs, namely Kris Humphries (and his $12 million due next season), to help clear the logjam at the four spot if necessary."

Depends on what you mean by "imminent." The trade deadline is two weeks from 3 p.m. ET, Thursday.

Last week, Peter Vecsey said the same thing In a tweet on January 31 and an interview on an Australian podcast three days later. The former Post columnist, known to have good relations with the Nets front office, called Hump's two-year deal. "movable" in a tweet and "desirable" in his interview.

Specifically, Vecsey was asked "you hearing anything new about the Nets and any possible moves?" His tweeted response: "Lone thing I know 4 sure is Kris Humphries' contract (12M per w 1-yr left) is movable. So, if they make deal, he'll be part of it."

In his interview with "The Crossover," Vecsey added, "They have a contract in Kris Humphires 12 million next year and the rest of this year, that is desirable, for a player but not for a player that puts them into that next plateau."

He named Paul Millsap and Hedo Turkoglu as possible targets in a Hump trade.

"[They'll] try to get players like ah man, they might bring in a Millsap, they might but he wants to get paid $10 million next year. He's a free agent. Are they going to pay Millsap $10 million, are they going to pay Wallace $10 million? Nah," he said, seemingly well-informed. "They might get Turkoglu for the rest of the year for Kris Humphries contract, stuff like that, they might do that."

The other "stuff" was not identified by Vecsey, but around the Nets press room, the name of Andrea Bargnani has been bandied about. He's owed $32 million over three and is a year younger than Hump.

Maybe some of the names are hiding in another Vecsey tweet. He was asked who he might be the next player traded. " Redick, maybe, and/or another Magic vet? Ben Gordon? Henderson? Bargnani? Zach? Humphries? Derrick Williams?"