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Andray Blatche on the trading block? Two league sources say there is 'no truth' to the rumor

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Amico of FOX Sports reports that the Nets have put Andray Blatche on the trading block, hoping for a draft pick in return. Amico says the Trail Blazers may have an interest in the 6'11" back-up center with a veterans minimum contract.

"Brooklyn has placed forward Andray Blatche on the market, according to multiple sources," Amico wrote in a column summing up latest trade rumors. "The Nets are looking for a draft pick in return. Portland, looking for ways to shore up its bench, might have an interest."

One league source reached out to NetsDaily to inform us that, "there is no truth whatsoever about the report."

A second league source dismissed speculation noting that the Nets aren't looking for an additional pick in this year's draft, which is seen by most scouts as mediocre. The Nets have their own pick in the first round, but no second rounder.

Blatche played well early in the season, but only sporadically in recent games. He was questioned in a sexual assault case in Philadephia last month, but no charges have been filed and the alleged victim specifically said she did not have sex with Blatche. There have also been reports lately that he has been out of shape.