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More hints Phil Jackson interested in Seattle SuperSonics job

Doug Pensinger

Charley Rosen is an old buddy of Phil Jackson. They worked together in Albany back in the 1980's when Jackson coached the Patroons to a Continental Basketball Association championship. So if he writes something about Jackson, it's usually a good idea to pay attention.

After discussing how Jackson might like coaching the Nets and how he's done with coaching and wants to be Pat Riley, Rosen gives new credibility to the report, by Peter Vecsey, that his old buddy is interested in running the new Seattle SuperSonics, if the deal to relocate the Kings northward.

While noting in Sheridan Hoops, "there certainly have been several other opportunities to be the Pat Riley of other franchises" (no names given), Rosen writes, "according to a semi-reliable source, Phil Jackson will indeed sign on to supervise the entire basketball operations of the resurrected Seattle SuperSonics." He notes as well...

Because the city and its environs are incredibly beautiful. Because, after his stints in New York and Chicago, he has had his fill of living in cold-weather climates. (He only dwells in snow-bound Montana during the summers.) And perhaps because the perspective new owners will give him free rein and maybe even a piece of the action. Also, he might relish the idea of competing with – and eventually surpassing – the Lakers in the Pacific Division.

Not to forget that his fiancée, Jeanie Buss, would only be a short flight away.

Rosen doesn't mention the words, "Brooklyn" or "Nets," as he has in the past. Nor have there been other suggestions the Nets and Jackson have mutual interest.