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Barclays Center "Fan Experience" upgraded with new apps. You won't believe what's possible!

Alex Trautwig

Holy Oculus! You can order brisket from your iPhone?!!

The latest technology to be offered at Barclays Center is an app that will allow you to order Fatty Cue's brisket or Prospect Heights Grill's Brooklyn burger (yummy) for pick-up from your upper bowl seat!

The Nets and Barclays Center have unveiled the latest versions of their new custom apps, available "to the latest smartphones and tablets." Team officials say the enhanced features of both ensure that Nets fans' digital experience is "beyond state of the art," as one put it.

According to that announcement that received far too little play, a new Barclays Center app permits fans in the upper reaches of the arena "to order food and drinks for pick-up without waiting in line." You'll be able to pay for the food as well.And while you're eating, you will be able to watch Alyonka Larionov on BCTV or send messages to the scoreboard!

It's all part of the arena team's goal of making the arena experience at Barclays "unique," say team officials. The brisket ordering feature only qualifies!

To download the free Barclays Center app, please visit:
iPhone -
Android -

To download the free Brooklyn Nets app, please visit:
iPhone -
Android -

Music is also part of that fan experience (As cool? Don't know). Rolling Stone takes a listen to the arena music, mostly hip-hop, that Barclays Center's music supervisor, J. Period, is putting out over the speakers from his perch on a platform just inside the arena entrance. It's gotten a lot of attention as well. There's a method to the madness, writes reporter Simon Vozick-Levinson...

"When Nets star Joe Johnson races toward the basket, Period's remix of Kanye West's 'Power' booms over the PA. Later, when the team returns to the court after a time-out, the DJ cues Jay-Z's 'U Don't Know'," he writes.

Period has come up with custom remixes of 150 songs by everyone from the Notorious B.I.G. to James Brown, with a lot of Jay-Z and Kris Humphries nemesis Kanye West. It's a happening place, that Barclays Center.