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Mirza Teletovic says he's working on "adjustments"

Rob Carr

Mirza Teletovic was the man in Spain, the guy his team relied on and his team included some players who've since made their mark in the NBA. He started alongside Tiago Splitter in the Caja Laboral frontcourt. His point guard for the last several years was Pablo Prigioni.

Now sometimes he plays, sometimes he doesn't. He has his supporters and detractors. For him, the up-and-down, in-and-out requires some adjustment.

"I just want to play hard and help guys out and after a couple minutes you start to feel comfortable," Teletovic told Tim Bontemps. "After not playing for five or six games, then you get in and play, it’s an adjustment."

Bontemps reports Teletovic has played in 22 of the past 30 games and averaged nearly 10 minutes a game. But even the sporadic increase in playing time leaves Teletovic in limbo. Sometimes within a game as well. Against the Hornets, he was quickly yanked after entering the game in the fourth.

"I put him in there in a tough situation," P.J. Carlesimo said, noting he didn't like the match-ups with Jason Smith and Ryan Anderson.

The 27-year-old rookie isn't complaining, but adds that it's all made him overthink. "Sometimes I just start thinking too much," Teletovic said. "I think about the mistakes I make."