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Should P.J. Carlesimo get the Nets head coaching job?

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Here's where we're at. There's a lot of discussion within the comments section about why interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo, who is 20-10 since taking over for Avery Johnson in December, should be relieved of his duties and fired... today... after having won 20 of 30 games, one of the best starts by a coach in franchise history. Better yet, some of you think "today" is far to late to fire him -- "he should have been gone yesterday!"

The reality of it is, we have many, many thousands of readers who come to the site daily, yet only about 200-500 of them comment. Our wonder is, are the P.J. "haters" a vocal minority or do they represent the vast majority of Nets fans?

And the best way of figuring out where you all stand is to put together a non-scientific Internet poll!