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The official Brooklyn Nets anthem, 'Brooklyn: Something to Lean On,' gets its own official video

Musician John Forte who penned the "official" Brooklyn Nets anthem, titled "Brooklyn: Something to Lean On," has released a video for the song, highlighting the borough itself and all its beauty -- along with, of course, the Nets and their fans.

The story on Forte:

And who better to fit the bill than John Forté, the classically-trained violinist, former Fugees affiliate and Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter and producer who was molded by Brooklyn, New York.Along with the help of Brooklyn-based director Gabriel Noble, the two took to the historical Brooklyn streets to shoot the visuals for the anthem.

We all know the song, but I have to say the video itself is beautifully shot and well-produced. It's the kind of thing that can really get you amped up, right?