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In battle of Lopez twins, expect strangeness ... and you won't be disappointed.

Brook says Robin is the worst player in the NBA. Robin says he's more lovable.

Scott Halleran

Brook Lopez says his brother Robin is the "worst player in the NBA." Robin Lopez will hear none of it.

"I've got the family in town; got my mom rooting for me," Robin told New Orleans writer Jimmy Smith. "Hopefully it goes my way. I'm the younger one. Everybody goes for the baby . . . . and I'm better and I'm more lovable."

This is what you get from the Lopez twins, who truth be known are each as lovable as the other. And both are playing well (although Robin has been playing more fourth quarters lately). Brook of course is an All-Star, and Robin is averaging a career best 11.4 points and 5.6 rebounds, shooting 56 percent from the floor. And he's a solid defender.

Of course, while their match-up will take up the headlines, there will be other match-ups that matter. The Hornets (soon to be renamed the Pelicans) are 20-37 but have a lot of solid young pieces. Besides Robin Lopez, there's Eric Gordon, when he plays; Ryan Anderson, Brook's old pal; Greivis Vasquez, a candidate for Most Improved Player and of course Anthony Davis, the unibrow who's been a bit of a disappointment because of nagging injuries. Vasquez is the oldest at 26.

Of course, with all that youth, the Hornets are inconsistent. They're 5-6 this month and have lost three of their last four, beating the woeful Kings on Sunday. In that game, their young players showed what they can do. Anderson finished with 17 and 9, Vasquez had a double double with 12 points and 13 assists; Gordon 17 and Davis had one of his best games, with 20 points and 8 rebounds in 28 minutes. All in all, a dangerous team.

Meanwhile, back at the Lopez family, Robin admits that yes, he is jealous about Brook's all-star selection. "I'm a little jealous; what NBA player doesn't want to be an All-Star?" Robin said Monday. "But I'm happy for him. He deserves it." But he won't let him off, or vice versa.