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Chances of All-Star Game in New York? 100 Percent


Ken Belson of the Times writes about the next big sports event in New York ... and where it might be. He's talking about the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. Both the Nets and Knicks have applied to host the classic and for whatever reason, they are alone. No other team or city has applied.

The Nets last hosted the game in 1982 when the stars of the classic were Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Buck Williams represented the Nets at what was the brand new Brendan Byrne Arena. The Garden was the host last in 1998. It would seem the Nets would be in the lead because of the longer wait and the NBA's penchant for rewarding investment in the arena (although the Knicks claim they've invested at least as much in the "transformed" MSG.)

Belson suggests a very unappealing compromise.

In theory, the Knicks and the Nets could share the event with, say, the dunking contest in one arena and the game in the other. More likely, though, one site will be chosen, inflaming the growing rivalry between the teams.

Or perhaps a first half in Manhattan and a second half in Brooklyn, with the sweaty all-stars boarding a special 2 train under the Garden for the 22-minute ride to Barclays.