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Bosnia fans produce "The Art of Shooting" video to remind fans of what Mirza Teletovic can do

Not long after Mirza Teletovic airballed three straight shots in Detroit on February 8, the low point of his season, fans in Bosnia put together a video of his clips from Spain, Bosnia and the NBA to remind fans that the "King of Bosnia" can shoot (and do some other things like dunk.) Done without any track, but with English titles and scenes of Brooklyn, it's obvious their intended audience was Brooklyn fans.

After his performance Friday night, one of his best if not his best all around performance, it seems like a good time to post it. Teletovic got an early look from P.J. Carlesimo vs.the Rockets, which coming after the 1-of-6 in Milwaukee had to be a relief. So is the news that he won't be going anywhere, that the various calls the Nets received for him (and we are there were a "lot") went unrequited.

Teletovic spoke with Tim Bontemps and Ben Couch in the post-game about his shooting, noting, "Sometimes i just start thinking too much, start thinking about mistakes i made. Here thinking about mistakes. You know I'm not a young guy (27), I know basketball so I need to stop thinking about it...

"I just have to find the fun in basketball again, you know."