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MarShon Brooks: "If I got the minutes I could score 20 points per game”

Brooks wants more opportunities to prove himself, defends defense


MarShon Brooks wasn't mincing words when he spoke with Stefan Bondy before Friday night's game vs. the Rockets. He told Bondy that he still thinks he can a big-time scorer in the NBA, that he doesn't really care where he plays as long as he gets more time than he has this year.

Brooks played 10 minutes Friday, scoring six points on 2-of-3 shooting and going to the line once.

Here's a sampling in his own words:

On his potential as a scorer in the NBA: "I still believe if I got the minutes I could score 20 points per game."

On being offered as a trade piece: "I don’t really mind where I play basketball. I just want more of an opportunity than this year.

On his current role: ""I’m playing a totally different role than I thought I would. When I come off the bench I just do what I do, just play confident, just do everything with confidence, be decisive. I don’t really play in large spurts so when I get in I try to make a difference."

On Brooklyn: "Obviously, Brooklyn – I’d love to be here and have this opportunity. It’s the best situation in the NBA. New arena. A lot of excitement around a new team."

He also said he hasn't "really" talked to the coaching staff about his lack of playing time but defended his defense.