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J. J. Hickson tried to "force his way to Brooklyn"

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

As trade negotiations neared an end yesterday, Portland's J. J. Hickson's agent was trying to force his way to Brooklyn, Chris Sheridan reports. The conversation ended quickly when the Blazers asked for MarShon Brooks and other assets, a league source says.

Sheridan wrote not long before the deadline that "Hickson made it known that he would only waive his trade veto if he was dealt to the Brooklyn Nets." The Blazers were willing to deal the 6'9" power forward with the gaudy stats but the two sides couldn't reach an agreement. The Nets, according to Sheridan, preferred to send Portland Kris Humphries. The Blazers, he wrote, wanted "one of the Nets’ young players or Eurostash players along with a draft pick." Brooks was identified as Brooks. Bojan Bogdanovic was almost certainly the Eurostash.

Hickson, 24, is averaging a double-double. He is playing on a one-year, $4 million contract. His status is complicated because if he had been traded, his Bird Rights wouldnt have traveled with him. So, he would have had to agree to any trade the Blazers made for him. There was no guarantee he'd re-sign.

Moreover, Hickson's failure to play defense has led to him being dumped by two teams, the Cavaliers and Kings, and being made available by the Blazers.