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Nets keep Bojan Bogdanovic, want to bring him over in summer


Free Bojan? The Nets didn't trade their rights to Bojan Bogdanovic at the deadline, although they had calls from other NBA clubs and his name showed up in the Josh Smith discussions. Now, the question is whether they can get him to the NBA.

Somewhat typically, Bogdanovic scored nearly one-third of his team's points Thursday in a Euroleague contest that quickly became a blowout. It was yet another indication that his team's summer spending spree isn't gong to produce a big winner this year..

The Nets 2011 second round pick scored 18 of Fenerbahce's 60 points as the Turkish team lost to F.C. Barcelona, the Spanish power, by 39. He shot 6-of-14, including 3-of-5 from downtown. Uncharacteristically, he missed a free throw. He had been shooting 98 percent this month, hitting 51-of-52. Ilkan Karaman, the Nets other Euro-Stash played 10 minutes and scored seven points. The 6'10" back-up center hasn't played much laterl

Fener had spent wildly over the summer, adding players in hopes of winning both the Euroleague and Turkish League titles. Although they're at the top of the Turkish League, they are the Lakers of the Euroleague and their title hopes will die in the Round of 16.

With their ability to pay him constrained by the CBA, the Nets would like to help him by getting Fener to reduce his $2 million buyout. Doing that might make signing with the Nets more financially alluring. Billy King tried last year to get the Istanbul-based club to let the 6'8" Croatian go, but failed. Expect him to do the same this year, maybe soon.