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As deadline nears, Atlanta sorts through final offers

Will Josh Smith still play for Atlanta this weekend?


Alex Kennedy tweets early Thursday that the Hawks are still "underwhelmed" by the offers they've received for Josh Might and indications are that they may not trade him after all!

Sekou Smith, the NBA writer, added to the uncertainty by quoting Smith as saying he will consider the Hawks in free agency.

Sekou Smith also quoted the Hawk forward as saying he never asked for a max contract.

The Hawks have been low-balled for the past two weeks since they began talking to other teams in earnest. As previously report, the Bucks have refused to include Monta Ellis in any deal for Smith and the Suns are reluctant to give up 2013 picks.

Similarly in Boston, Danny Ainge told Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald that he doesn't see a deal for the Celtics, including Paul Pierce.