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Euro-Nets could be big players on Deadline Day

Interest in Nets European assets reportedly high

Springfield Armor

The Nets have reportedly offered the Hawks a choice of a first round pick or Bojan Bogdanovic in one Josh Smith trade scenario. The Celtics reportedly want Mirza Teletovic, but the Nets are resisting and there have been calls about Toko Shengelia after he burned up the D-League in two tours.

They and Ilkan Karaman, a 6'10" PF who plays with Bogdanovic in Turkey, are the Nets hidden assets. It shouldnt be a surprise. It's not out of the question to say the best scorers in the Euroleague and D-League this season are Nets property -- Bogdanovic in Europe and Shengelia in the D-League.

In the Euroleague Round of 16, Bogdanovic is the second highest scorer and he is shooting 50/40/90. Not bad for a 6'8" shooting guard. Shengelia played only three games with Springfield, but as his coach, Bob MacKinnon, said "He's been the best player in the league." Shengelia's 28.3 ppg is tops in the D-League this season (Tyshawn Taylor is third.)

A.J. Mitnick of Sheridan Hoops ranks Bogdanovic as the third best Euro-Stash, writing of him this week...

A natural scorer, Bogdanovic has become far more explosive attacking the basket over the last year. While he projects as a scoring sixth man, his dynamic offensive game and ability to create offense give him the most star potential of anyone in this group.

He also likes Karaman, who he ranks fifth...

Due to his length and natural instincts, Karaman has the potential to be a solid NBA player but will need to continue progressing over the next two years to be able to make a significant impact in the league.
  • NBA trade deadline will have Eurostash prospects - A.J. Mitnick - Sheridan Hoops