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Woj: Brooklyn one of three 'likely destinations' to land Josh Smith


A minor update in Josh Smith trade rumor-ville, as Adrian Wojnarowski has the Nets among the three "most likely destinations" to land the Hawks power forward.

Still nothing concrete here, though he did drop a few teams from his possible suitors list -- including the Washington Wizards. Another report, by Celtic beat writer A. Sherrod Blakely, indicated that a key piece in any Celtic offer, Paul Pierce, is drawing "lukewarm" interest around the league. Boston had been seen as a potential rival for Smith's services.

The Bucks are said to be offering Monta Ellis, while the Suns are making players like Marcin Gortat and Jared Dudley available.

Meanwhile, Chris Broussard reports, also via Twitter, that the Timberwolves are talking with Utah about moving Paul Millsap. Derrick Williams might be moving in the other direction.

It's been a quiet pre-trade deadline day, so any little news like this seems pretty major, I suppose. Anyway, let this mini-WojBomb serve as a new thread for discussion.

And for the record, over the past two years, Billy King has either traded or traded for nine players and four picks on deadline.