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Confirmed! He's Joe Cool, Joe Money, Big Shot Joe

If you need proof of how clutch Joe Johnson is, John Schuhmann has it.

Bruce Bennett

Can't get enough of Joe Johnson's heroics? Nor can we. John Schuhmann, the deep, deep stats guy at, proves what we've all thought. There is no one more clutch in the NBA this season.

In the last minute of the fourth quarter or overtime, with the game on the line (within three points), Johnson is 9-of-10. That is far and away the best percentage of any player in that situation. Kyrie Irving has two more clutch shots, but has taken 17. Chris Paul has the next highest percentage at 77.8 percent, followed by O.J. Mayo and Shawn Marion, 75 percent. And as Howard Beck points out, He is 4 for 4 in the final 10 seconds when the margin is 3 points or fewer.

And once you break things down to see who's taken the most clutch shots, Johnson is tied for 18th. But of all of those who've taken 10 or more clutch shots, Johnson is way ahead, percentage-wise, at 90 percent. Only two players who've taken 10 or more clutch shots have made better than 60 percent of them: Irving and LaMarcus Aldridge. Among those who've taken 10 or more clutch shots, the two worst are Paul George, who's made none, and (gulp), Deron Williams, who's made one.

Schuhmann also got to string together all of Joe Cool's nine clutch shots, including three game winners.