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It can't get anymore exciting than Tuesday night, right? Maybe. Brooklyn Nets meet Milwaukee Bucks again Wednesday

We've had Big Shot Joe and Bigger Shot Joe. Will Wednesday bring Biggest Shot Joe?


With the Nets chartered 737 a happy place as it flew out over the Midwest Tuesday night, there probably wasn't a lot of thought about Wednesday's second half of the Bucks back-to-back. The Bucks plane, flying that same route, was no doubt a less happy place.

But for both there had to be anxiety. Rumors have put the Brooklyn and Milwaukee as the likely landing places for Josh Smith, meaning players like Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks and Monta Ellis may have played their last games in their current uniforms. Hump in fact figures in two trade scenarios. If the Hawks reject the Nets offer of him, Brooks and a pick (or Bojan Bogdanovic), he could still be sent out to Charlotte, Ken Berger writes Wednesday. Ellis too could wind up somewhere else.

Assuming there is no trade by game time --and that's increasingly likely-- the Bucks will try to recoup from Tuesday's encounters with Big Shot Joe and then Bigger Shot Joe in Brooklyn. Joe Johnson gave the Nets a huge confidence boost with his game-tying and then game-winning shots. Heck, Gerald Wallace compared him to Michael Jordan and others recalled Vince Carter's final second heroics. Why not? It was the third time Johnson has won a game and he is 9-of-10 with the game on line this season.

There were a number of milestones to look back on from Tuesday's game. The Nets have an opportunity to extend their modest three-game winning streak and go 11 games above .500 for the first time since 2006. They finished that season 16 games up. Also, they will be able to even the series against the Bucks and start a winning streak against Milwaukee after losing 13 straight to them. And of course, it could be another opportunity to extend their 10-game overtime winning streak that stretches back to Newark. Be still, my heart.