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Introducing The Official NetsDaily Celebration GIF

Brooklyn Nets

The story of Jonny Black is well-known to denizens of NetsDaily, how he flew from Belfast to New York for the Nets-Knicks opener at Barclays Center, only to be greeted by Hurricane Sandy ... and a postponement of Opening Night. From there, it got cinematic, with an angel of mercy (aka Irina Pavlova) intervening and Jonny touring Nets Fan Heaven (Barclays Center, including Mikhail Prokhorov's suite).

Now, perhaps in payment for that moment, he has spent hours (how many? too many!) coming up with what we have adopted as the Official NetsDaily Celebratory GIF! Working at the edge of the PhotoShop envelope, he has included many of the Nets players and his benefactor in a never-ending dance of celebration.

Here's how he describes final product...

My personal favourite is the back 4 of Bogans, Toko, Blatche and Tele going YOLO in the background, Tele’s wee hands are hilarious, no idea what he’s doing.

Blatche is just a small fat mess and it looks so wrong but I love it.

It looks exactly as D Will would dance at a wedding with JJ dancing wondering whats going on.

Lopez screaming for the and one play not realising what everyone is doing but he’s just going along for the ride.

haha I had fun making it.

Going to have to make more and stick a small watermark on it so people can’t say they made it….rookie error haha

Let's hope no one gets traded. Hate to have him rework it.