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Phil Jackson: Franchises have asked me to take a look at their teams

Dilip Vishwanat

Last we heard from Phil Jackson, he was declaiming any interest in coaching again and pals were hinting he was interested in being a team executive, maybe with the Seattle SuperSonics, nee Sacramento Kings.

In an interview with Jack McCallum of Sports Illustrated, Jackson confirms he's done with coaching and that he's interested in being "a vice president of basketball operations/director of player personnel is more like it." He did not mention Seattle or the Sonics, but did say he's "consulted" with a few teams, that he watched games on League Pass like the rest of us. But unlike the rest of us, he takes notes.

I sometimes take notes. I have some people who have come to me and ask, "Would you watch my team, see if you can pick anything up?" Four or five teams, plus the Lakers. So while I'm not officially in the consulting business, it might come in handy sometime.
Are the Nets one of those "four or five teams" Phil is helping out. He's not saying, but chances are high, considering the Nets' interest in the coach with 11 rings.