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Stein: Hawks-Bucks talking Josh Smith; Atlanta interested in Monta Ellis. But, didn't he say...?


Buckle up, because the next two days are going to be quite bumpy, by the look of things.

Just yesterday, ESPN's Marc Stein was reporting that the Brooklyn Nets would "ultimately land (Josh) Smith in a three-way trade." Now, he has the Milwaukee Bucks --who the Nets play Tuesday and Wednesday-- making a push for Josh Smith in a deal that would include Monta Ellis. Someone who, as Stein notes, the Hawks are intrigued with.

Stein notes that adding Ellis would give the Hawks a nice backcourt with the young Jeff Teague running the point -- fair point. Now, if the Bucks are willing to part with Ellis, someone the Hawks have coveted in the past, wouldn't that likely put them in "the lead" to land Smith? That's a far cry from the Nets "ultimately" landing him.

What a difference a day few hours make. Like I said, buckle up. It's going to be quite the ride.