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Deron Williams admits pain in his ankles prevents him from dunking


If you've wondered why Deron Williams hasn't dunked yet this season, it's because he can't. His ankles are that bad.

He told writers Monday night that while he is going to play vs. the Bucks Tuesday in the first half of a back-to-back, he doesn't know how many minutes. His week off, with plasma replacement therapy, has helped, but not a lot.

As Rod Boone tweeted, "Deron hasn't been able to jump off his left leg with any explosion this season. Said he can't dunk off it. Needs to jump off both to dunk." Moreover, Boone reported, "Deron said he feels a little bit better today than he did this time last week. Not a big change, though."

Mike Mazzeo added that "D-Will says he really needs more rest, but there's no time. Said he feels a little better after prp."

While Williams was open about his physical issues, he wouldn't talk about what looked like criticism from USA Basketball president Jerry Colangelo this weekend. Colangelo told Stefan Bondy that Williams was a "little overweight" at the London Olympics, but then modified his comments to say that he wouldn't say Williams was "unfit." D-Will has said he aggravated his injury during the Olympics. Williams said he has spoken with Colangelo in recent days.


Reporting based on tweets from Rod Boone, Mike Mazzeo, Zach Schonbrun and Brian Lewis