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Dave D'Alessandro: Paul Millsap a better fit for Brooklyn Nets than Josh Smith ... "or any other knucklead"

Would a Paul Millsap - Deron Williams reunion be best fit for the Nets? Dave D. thinks so.

Doug Pensinger

In his round-up of the NBA at the All-Star break, Dave D'Alessandro writes of a number of teams, the Nets included. He doesn't claim, like some others we know, any special knowledge of the Nets plans, but does offer an opinion on who among the (many) names being bandied about would work best for the Nets.

Brooklyn is also where it should be, and if Paul Millsap ends up here, we only know this much: The ball will move much better than it does whenever their other bigs touch it (2.8 assists per game combined in around 91 minutes per game combined). He’s a better fit than Josh Smith or any other knucklehead they’re considering, anyway.

A number of pundits, including Peter Vecsey and Mitch Lawrence have reported in recent weeks that the Nets have an interest in the 6'8" Millsap, who played four and a half years with Deron Williams in Utah ... and who was one of his top pick and roll partners. Millsap is a free agent this summer and even if the Nets could persuade Utah to accept an offer for him, they'd also need a commitment from him on a salary structure going forward.