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Brooklyn Nets ratings have biggest jump so far, but still only one-third of Knicks.


Sports Business Journal reports that the Nets have experienced the biggest jump in local TV ratings across the NBA, up 262 percent over Newark in 2010-11, but they remain among the worst in the league and are only one-third that of the Knicks.

With the Nets relocating to Brooklyn, ratings for the team’s games on YES Network have jumped a whopping 262 percent from the 2010-11 season to a 1.1. Still, Nets ratings on YES are the fifth lowest rated in the league.

Meanwhile, the Knicks ratings have soared as well to a 3.4, and an audience of 254,000 homes per game, the league’s largest and three times that of the Nets. SBJ used the 2010-11 comparison because last season's lockout skewed the numbers. The Nets are in the second year of a new rights deal with YES that can extend through the 2031-32 season, with possible extensions taking it farther. It's uncertain if there are windows in the deal. YES has set numerous ratings records, starting in preseason.

Lowest ratings now that the Nets have vacated their long-hold position in the NBA local TV basement? The Bobcats who are attracting only 7,200 homes per games.