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Will Divorce Trial Date Interfere with Playoff Plans?

Al Bello

The judge in the long-running Kris Humphries - Kim Kardashian divorce case has set a trial date for May 6, which could fall right smack in the middle of the NBA playoffs and according to TMZ (is there a more reliable source?) Humphries would miss a playoff game (or two) to stick it to his ex.

Hump's lawyers, one of whom wants to quit the case, asked that the trial be postponed till after the NBA playoffs end in late June (just in case) but Kardashian and her lawyers want it over by then. Kardashian is pregnant by Kanye West (close friend and sometime partner of Nets minority owner Jay-Z). If she's still married to Humphries when she delivers as expected in July, Hump is presumed to be the father under California law.

You still with us?

Barring a settlement, the trial could run 2-3 days and will be held in Los Angeles (where the Nets will not be playing in May). Playoffs of course offer more time off between games so it's possible Humphries would not miss more than one game. He could opt not to attend the trial, but that would hurt his case.

"As long as I’m here, I’ll be here," Humphries said Monday when asked, clearly upset at the question.

Humphries is trying to prove in court that Kim defrauded him and wants an annulment. He also reportedly wants his engagement ring back. The ring, valued at $2 million back in 2011, reportedly cost Humphries $500,000 (celebrity discount?)

What do we see in all this? We see a cool guy ... yeah, cool guy.