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Back to the Grind for Brook Lopez, Brooklyn Nets

For Brook, a return to Brooklyn

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets will be back at practice Monday, getting ready for a back-to-back Tuesday and Wednesday vs. the Bucks, first in Brooklyn, then Milwaukee. For everyone but Brook Lopez, it will mark the end of their short vacation and for Deron Williams, it means a return to action after a week off.

Lopez finished with three points, five rebounds and three assists in 10:35, the highlight being a missed three pointer that he had promised teammates he would take.Although he hit a half-court jumper Saturday in the Shooting Stars competition, this one clanked off the backboard. He went 3-of-4 from the line.

Lopez said he got a lot out the weekend. It wasn't just fun. "I heard a lot of wise words from different guys. its motivation coming back for the second half of the season ... come into every game ready to play, to play hard."

For Deron Williams, practice will be his first time on the court after getting a treatment for synovitis in both ankles. He watched the Nets win two games without him, vs. the Pacers in Indiana and the Nuggets at home, then traveled to Miami, where he and his family vacationed with Carlos Boozer and his family.

On his website, D-Will laid his goals for the rest of the season. "We just want to continue to play and win and get better as a team," he wrote. "We feel like we're a playoff team. We want to try and get home court advantage and then do some damage in the playoffs."

The Nets are again healthy as they return to the court. The only change in status over the All-Star Break: Jerry Stackhouse is now first vice-president of the NBPA, the players union. Stack must now be considered a potential president of the troubled union down the road.