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What was Jerry Stackhouse trying to say about Deron Williams, Joe Johnson?

Sometimes, an audio clip of an interview is not as telling as a video clip. That's what some think about Jerry Stackhouse's interview with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless the other day at All-Star Weekend. Stack was in Houston mainly for the NBPA union meeting. An activist who's been critical of union leadership, he came out of the meeting as NBPA first vice-president.

He did the interview prior to the meeting and ESPN posted the audio. It sounded like Stackhouse was critiquing (rather than criticizing) Deron Williams point guard play, recounting how he has told Joe Johnson to "tell him you want the ball. Tell him you need the ball." and noting that C.J. Watson and Tyshawn Taylor were "more distributors" than Williams. He also answered "There you go," when Bayless asked him if there was more ball movement without D-Will on the court, which some took as an agreement, others as Stackhouse accusing Bayless of trying to stir the pot of controversy.

Now a video of the interview has emerged. Take a look.