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It's Brook Lopez's --and Brooklyn's-- Night in Houston

First Brooklyn athlete to play in an All-Star Game since 1957!

Scott Halleran

Brook Lopez had a good time Saturday, proving he can handle the media on the big stage and proving he can hit the three --OR a half-court shot-- when called on. On Sunday, he gets a chance to finally play in an All-Star game and represent Brooklyn, the first Brooklyn athlete to participate in an All-Star Game since Dodgers Gil Hodges, Clem Labine and Gino Cimoli were selected for the National League team in 1957.

For Lopez, the word of the weekend is "honor." He notes in virtually all his appearances what an "honor" it is to play, to represent the Nets and Brooklyn. It will also be an opportunity for him to further his chances at another honor, the 2016 Olympic team.

"Definitely," Lopez told Tim Bontemps after participating in the Shooting Stars competition (where he hit a half-court shot). "No question. It’d be a huge honor. I’d love to, and if I got the opportunity I would definitely take advantage of it."

P.J. Carlesimo thinks the experience is bound to help Lopez on his return to Brooklyn.

"Almost everybody in their first All-Star Game comes back more confident," Carlesimo told Rod Boone. "You have to . . . it's different. When you go into the locker room, and the jerseys are hung up, and you look around, and the guys that are in that locker room are guys that you play against all the time. Now all of a sudden, you are on the same team."