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Greg Anthony: Brooklyn Nets finding their identity

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

YES Network's Greg Anthony, in a short interview with the New York Times, paints an optimistic portrait of the Nets, saying they are finding their identity and are built for the playoffs ... and could even make the Eastern Conference Finals.

Asked about what P.J. Carlesimo did for the Nets after replacing Avery Johnson said it's about stability ... and identity.

"They are now getting back to the identity of who they are and why they win. I saw it when they beat the Knicks at the Garden. They stayed with the game plan. They had gotten away from the things that made them successful. Their identity is being established, and the trust in that identity is being fortified. That’s what P. J. has been able to do."

And what does he think about the Nets chances in the playoffs?

"I think the Nets are built for the postseason, based on their style. More five-on-five, less transition. If they get some good fortune, if some things break their way, I think they could very easily be playing in the conference final. Having said that, they need to continue to get better and to build upon their confidence."