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Jerry Stackhouse elected first vice-president of players union after Billy Hunter fired

Steve Mitchell

The NBPA, the players union, ousted Billy Hunter, its long-time executive director, Saturday after allegations of self-dealing wracked the leadership and led to a federal investigation. Among those who spoke most strongly against Hunter continuing in the job was Jerry Stackhouse. Following his ouster, by a 24-0 vote, a new union leadership was elected, including Stackhouse as first vice-president, the fourth highest ranked post in the union.

Earlier this month, Stackhouse told Tim Bontemps that a complete overhaul of the union was required.

“Obviously Hunter should be out. In my opinion, the executive committee should be out, and really take the time to do a real search for what direction our union [should take], and what formation that we should have, because obviously it’s flawed.”

Derek Fisher, who has been union president during Hunter's directorship --and who Stackhouse opposed-- was retained. Matt Bonner was named vice-president and James Jones as secretary-treasurer. In addition to Stackhouse, Roger Mason Jr., Chris Paul, Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry were elected vice-presidents.