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Could Dwight Howard come to Brooklyn in a sign-and-trade? Hardly


Chris Sheridan posited in a column Saturday that it's possible that the Nets could be patient and get Dwight Howard in a sign-and-trade with the Lakers this summer. First reaction was yes, and Kate Upton could become a member of the Brooklynettes too.

Not happening, right? The Nets brass think it's virtually impossible, but the Lord of the CBA, Larry Coon, spends some time thinking how it could be done, starting from Sheridan's hypothesis (or should it be Sheridan's Hypothesis ... all caps makes it seem scientific.) It's complicated.

Bottom line for Sheridan is that it would be very difficult, with a limited chance of success. In fact, he quotes one Eastern Conference executive (with offices in East Rutherford, perhaps?) saying, "that ship has sailed."