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P.J. Carlesimo would love more "corporate knowledge" but happy so far with results


P.J. Carlesimo was ruminating about his team's success this year, saying that 30 wins at the break was something you'd want as a good team, noting an 18-2 record against good teams is a positive and while the record on the road against good teams isn't great, there have been some good signs, like wins in in OKC, Indiana and at the Garden.

But one thing he can't change much is that the Nets don't have "corporate knowledge,: a Gregg Popovich term to define long-term stability: a team's familiarity with each other, the coaches, and their surroundings. You can't have that when you have a new team, a change in coaches and a new arena.

"We've had 30 home games, and when you compare that to guys like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in Boston, or LeBron and them in Miami, or San Antonio, playing with the same teammates, for the same coach, and in the same building for a number of years, there's a lot that goes into that," Carlesimo said In an interview with YES Network's Lou DiPietro,

In general though, Carlesimo is positive but admits the team is "not there yet."

"We've done a lot of things positively, but I don't think we're to the point yet where we've proven we can be consistent for a long time against the good teams," Carlesimo said. "We've sprinkled in some of that and played some of the best teams in the league well for a while… and probably the other biggest thing we've struggled with is the really quick, up-and-down teams."