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Jerry Colangelo: Deron Williams was "a little overweight" at Olympics


Jerry Colangelo, president of USA Basketball, called out a member of his Olympic champions Friday when he said Deron Williams wasn't in the best shape for the London Olympics last year and that he told the Nets star so.

In a conversation with Stefan Bondy, Colangelo said, "Deron Williams, for the Olympics, was not in the best shape. He was a little overweight, and I told him that at the time."

The comment is sure to cause yet more controversy in the continuing debate over whether Williams injuries were the result of him being overweight, something the Nets deny. William has said he aggravated his ankle injury in the Olympics. Williams missed two games this week to undergo treatment.

Bondy also seemed to suggest that Dr. Jeremy Bettle, the Nets strength and conditioning coach, may have been at fault. Bondy noted that Bettle, hired at the beginning of the 2011 season, was responsible for D-Will's conditioning. He pointed out that long-time Nets strength and conditioning coach, Rich Dalatri, was dumped in favor of Bettle, who had been working at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Peak Performance Project in Santa Barbara.