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Bondy: Nets interested in J.J. Hickson?

The Nets already have a C.J. and a P.J. Why not a J.J?


Stefan Bondy tweeted mid-afternoon that he "Heard the Nets are interested in Portland's JJ Hickson, who can veto a trade. Hickson would lose his Bird Rights if dealt."

An hour later, Bondy tweeted this: "Got pushback from the Nets regarding my report that they’re interested in Portland forward JJ Hickson." Asked "pushback meaning not interested?” Bondy responded, "Yes"

Between Bondy's two tweets, Sam Amico (apparently not getting the memo) wrote the Nets were interested in Hickson, Paul Millsap and Josh Smith. Amico wrote, "The Nets are expected to be especially active, looking to make a major change to gear for a serious playoff run."

Hickson is 24 years old and a double double machine but not everyone in the Blazers organization is interested in him long term. In particular, his lack of defense has given the Portland coaching staff and before them the Kings coaching staff fits. Byron Scott reportedly told people that Hickson refused to play defense and waived him.

Hickson is currently averaging 12.7 points and 10.3 rebounds a game all while shooting a career high 56.6 percent from the field. He's started all but one game for Portland seeing action at both power forward and center.

Any such move would be fraught with risks for most teams interested in Hickson. He would have to approve the trade since it would mean he would give up his Bird Rights. For the Nets, they would be limited to either the mini-MLE or the vets minimum. Neither would appear to be enough to get him to re-sign. He currently earns $4 million. Using the the mini-MLE --$3.09 million-- would also limit the Nets options for the off-season.

Andy Miller is the agent for Hickson as well as Reggie Evans and Andray Blatche.