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Brook Lopez, on All-Star media circuit, talks about dealing with trade rumors

Brooklyn Nets

These are busy days for Brook Lopez, with radio and television interviews taking up a lot of his time along with photo shoots. One of his first was with Mike and Mike on ESPN and he talked about a lot of things, but little new. He likes the "playoff atmosphere" of the Nets-Knicks contests, he appreciates how P.J. Carlesimo has helped the team "establish their goals," and revealing that Batman is his "favorite superhero" and that indeed Batman IS a superhero.

He also told the two Mikes how he prepared last summer for a career without the Nets. Asked about hearing his name in trade rumors, Lopez seemed to be saying he was prepared for a deal and that as a result, he focused on his goals and ready no matter where he wound up.

It's a business, it's the nature of the business but I tend to try to ignore that stuff and work on bettering my game and putting myself in a position especially this summer whne they were really rampant I was working on putting myself in a position to succeed whether I was still with the Nets or wherever I was, with whatever trade is going down.

Dan Patrick spoke with Lopez about the differences between Avery Johnson and Carlesimo, saying there's been more advance scouting of opponents now and a "more free flowing offense."

Before he left, Lopez got helpful tips on the experience from his coach (who was an assistant to Gregg Popovich at the 2005 Classic) and three of his All-Star teammates: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace, who have a combined 10 appearances. D-Will's was the most succinct: "Just have fun. That’s what it’s all about. The weekend’s about fun, going down there and enjoying the weekend."