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Joe Johnson: "a player doing plenty to pull his weight"

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The last two wins had Joe Johnson's name all over them. In the first, he sent the game into overtime with a bucket he made look easy, something he does a lot. The second , he simply dominated: 26 points on 10-of-19 shooting (5-of-9 from deep) nine assists, two rebounds and big shots when the Nuggets threatened late. And oh yeah, in Deron Williams absence, 41 minutes on the court. Steady as she goes, mates.

Jake Appleman profiles Johnson for GQ, noting that unlike his teammates, Johnson is not easily defined, but...

If you pay attention to Joe Johnson, though, the scenery and the stage directions come into the forefront. Upon tenth, twentieth, thirtieth viewing, this makes Johnson subtly but uniquely interesting; everything he does--or that is done to him--is about context.

Individual numbers shouldn't define him. What he does can found in game stories rather than box scores, in locker rooms, rather than official scorer's notes. Still, one number does stand out. He's fourth in the NBA in minutes and hasn't missed a game. Not bad for 31 years old.

"The Nets' excellent offensive production with him on the floor, his late-game heroics, and his durability--all while acclimating to a new group of players, some of whom have really struggled at times--speaks to a player doing plenty to pull his weight."

Johnson will not playing in the All-Star Game, for the first time in seven years. He's not doubt getting some rest. He is currently fourth in the NBA in minutes played and has yet to miss a game. Might be a more difficult adjustment than without Deron Williams.