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Could Brooklyn Nets get Josh Smith on the cheap? Should they?

Josh D. Weiss-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Broussard thinks that the Nets could get Josh Smith on the cheap, that teams are being scared away by his salary demands.

In a roundtable discussion of who might be traded at the deadline, Broussard says he believes it's a given that the Hawks trade Josh Smith, putting chances at 60 percent.

"I say that because that's what I've been told by someone close to the situation. It's doubtful that Smith signs long term with the Hawks this summer -- unless they max him -- so GM Danny Ferry may move him for assets now. Thing is, one GM told me he thinks the Nets' non-impressive offer of Kris Humphries and Marshon Brooks may be the best Atlanta gets. Ouch."

Not everyone on the roundtable agreed. In fact, none did. Brian Windhorst put the chances of Smith being traded at seven percent and being traded for Hump even lower. "They are much more likely to let Smith walk in free agency or work a sign-and-trade than make a deal for a player like Kris Humphries," said Windhorst.

On Thursday, Broussard added a little more and suggested that if Bob Ferry, the Hawks GM, didn't get a better offer than Humphries and Brooks, they would keep Smith for the remainder of the season.

"The Nets remain one of the most interested teams and with Smith's recent statement that he wants a max deal, some clubs believe Brooklyn's offer of Kris Humphries and MarShon Brooksmight be the best Atlanta gets. If that's the case, Ferry, who has interest in Brooks but not necessarily Humphries, may not budge and instead might keep Smith for the rest of the season."

And in an accompanying video, Antonio Davis said he thinks the Nets shouldn't even be thinking of adding another star, another big. Sounded like he thinks they should be going after Ben Gordon.

"I don't think you should just throw great players on this team and figure that they're going to win. I think one of the biggest issues that they have is when they have Gerald Wallace on the floor with Evans, everybody seems to sag in. Therefore, when Deron Williams goes into his pick-and-roll action, Joe Johnson is one-on-one and they don't have any spacing. They need another guy out there who can shoot the three-ball, keep the floor spread and then I think that the offense will get a little more movement, continuity. So, it they're looking to do something, I would do that. And I don't think Josh Smith can do that..."