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Would Brooklyn Nets be interested in re-uniting Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer?

Jed Jacobsohn

Chad Ford speculates (reports?) that the Nets might be interested in re-uniting the Jazz pick and roll combination of Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer in Brooklyn.

In discussing who could be moved, Ford talks of a "potential" three-way deal that would send Kris Humphries to the Bobcats, Ben Gordon back to the Bulls and Carlos Boozer. Although three are highly compensated but all three are seen as surplus on their current teams. Ford writes...

Boozer has been solid in his tenure with the Bulls, but the team has known for a while that it would prefer to move his contract to get more salary flexibility in the future. The Bulls have Taj Gibson to take many of Boozer’s minutes and would love to add some perimeter shooting to balance out the team once Derrick Rose returns.

The aforementioned deal for Bargnani would give the Bulls a big man who can really spread the floor. The return of Ben Gordon may be another option for Chicago in a potential three-way deal with Charlotte and Brooklyn.

The trade would add salary to the Nets. Humphries is owed $24 million over two, counting this season while Boozer is owed almost double that over three Boozer is 31 years old.

After a number of years marked more by nagging injuries than accomplishment, Boozer has missed only three games in a year and a half with Chicago. For the season, he's averaging 15.8 points and 9.3 rebounds, but shooting only 47.3 percent, down substantially from his career numbers. He and Deron Williams were teammates for five years in Utah and on the 2008 Olympic team. Boozer is one of two active NBA players with a college championship (at Duke) and an Olympic gold medal. The other is Carmelo Anthony.