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Pelton: Brook Lopez as a possible 'sell-high' candidate


ESPN Insider Kevin Pelton came out with a great article today highlighting some possible sell-high trade candidates, as this season's deadline approaches.

One such candidate on his list was All-Star center Brook Lopez, of your Brooklyn Nets. Pelton notes that Lopez may have "boosted his trade value more than anyone else in the league over the last 12 months," considering he's coming off a missed season -- more or less.

Pelton also notes that his value is so high right now, that the only trade that may matter is one including Lakers big man Dwight Howard. A trade scenario we've exhausted ten times over here on NetsDaily and one that even Pelton admits may not even be agreed upon from the Nets front office, considering how well Lopez has played.

It's hard to believe that there's any deal -- Howard or otherwise -- that would make sense at this point, with Lopez being the centerpiece, given how well he's played and how much he means to this team.

Another interesting note from Pelton's article was a trade scenario surrounding, well, lets' have him explain it:

Finding a workable deal for (Amar'e) Stoudemire is challenging because his current $20 million salary is so difficult to take on. About the only realistic option is a trade with the crosstown rival Brooklyn Nets, who could offer Kris Humphries (whose $12 million contract is one year shorter), Mirza Teletovic and MarShon Brooks. Since salary is no object for the Nets and championship-obsessed owner Mikhail Prokhorov, they would probably do such a deal when they realize they're not getting Josh Smith.

Pelton notes that the Knicks probably wouldn't agree to such a deal. He can be assured that the Nets wouldn't either. One team insider reports the article almost made him stop reading ESPN!