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Broussard: Brooklyn "Going Hard" for Josh Smith; Deal "not close" and may need a third team

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Broussard who only a few days ago reported that the Nets are discussing a trade of Kris Humphries for Ben Gordon, is now saying that while they like Gordon, their top priority is Josh Smith.

Broussard initally tweeted, "Nets going hard after Josh Smith, sources say. While they've discussed a trade for Ben Gordon, getting Josh is a bigger priority." In his story, posted later, Broussard wrote that the two teams are in discussions But one source said while "there has been lots of talk, nothing is close yet."

The ESPN writer also noted that "Some scenarios that have been discussed include the Hawks' Anthony Morrow, who played the past two seasons with the Nets, returning to the club." He also reports that the Nets might need a third team to get the deal done. However, as Devin Kharpertian points out, the Nets cannot re-acquire Morrow this season under the new CBA. It does appear that Morrow would welcome a return, as some recent tweets suggest.

Broussard follows other reports from reporters in New York, Charlotte and Tampa who suggested that the Nets interest in Gordon is secondary or that the Nets might use Gordon to help them acquire Smith.

Smith, a free agent, has reportedly turned down a three-year, $37 million offer from the Hawks, demanding instead a max deal over five years which for him would amount to a deal in the neighborhood of $90 million.

Smith was asked about trade rumors. “This is like the third year,” Smith again bluntly answered. “I just have to keep playing and not worry about the business side of basketball.”