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Has Deron Williams become an NBA "Diva?"

What's a diva? In Opera, it's a good thing. In basketball, not so much.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Just before Avery Johnson was fired, Dave D'Alessandro penned a devastating open letter to Deron Williams, famously (at least among Nets fans) telling D-Will he was "just one evening gown shy of a diva." Eww!

After the Nets started winning under P.J. Carlesimo, that was forgotten or at least put aside. Now, that things are again in a rut, Ric Bucher has written something similar on sulia.

Looking forward to watching Nets-Spurs to see if, as almost every scout/GM I talk to contends, Deron Williams has become a diva of the first order. Now, I'm told, when a teammate misses a shot or blows an easy dime far too many times Deron can be seen rolling his eyes or staring at the bench as if to say, "Can you believe that?"

If so, he wasn't always that way; at least I never heard of the Jazz having those kind of problems and other teams certainly didn't see him in that light. If anything, they admired that while he was accepted by the CP3/LeBron/Wade/Melo group he made a point of standing on his own.

I made the case that I'd take Deron over CP3 their early years in the league because of Deron's size and better shooting range, but if all I'm hearing is true, the difference in floor generalship could be too much to ignore. One game won't prove anything definitive, but I hope I'm wrong; the idea of the Knicks and Nets going head-to-head is as good as the Lakers and Clippers battling for the bragging rights of L.A., and Deron is too important to making the Nets viable to become a peacock and not impair their potential.

Welcome to New York.