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With Bogdanovic hitting key three, Fenerbahce wins Turkish Cup

Ilkan Karaman via Twitter

Fenerbahce mounted a strong comeback in the Turkish Cup final Sunday and came away winners in the mid-season classic that is unique to FIBA basketball. Bojan Bogdanovic didn't play a good game but hit a key bucket. Fener's center, David Andersen, the former Hawk center, dominated the final, finishing with 21 points.

Bogdanovic hit a big three late in the fourth, putting Fener up by fourth, but overall he came down to earth after a big month. The 6'8" shooting guard finished with five points on eight shots, his lowest production of the year. He did come away with five rebounds, two assists and a block. Ilkan Karaman, the Nets other Euro-Stash on Fener, played only four minutes and didn't score backing up Andersen. He grabbed two boards.

European and other international leagues pause this time to year to compete in national competitions.