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Prokhorov: I will resign from Biathlon Union if Russia doesn't win two Olympic golds


Mikhail Prokhorov has a habit of promising dire consequences if his teams don't win championships. He's said more than once that he'll marry if the Nets don't win an NBA championship by 2015. Now, with the Winter Olympics a year away, he's told Russian writers that if the Russian Biathlon team doesn't win at least two gold medals at Sochi.

"If it is less, then I retire - it means I have failed," Prokhorov told Russian writers. "Let those who come to do better."

Prokhorov has run the Biathlon Union since 2008, taking over at the request of the Russian government after a doping scandal and his predecessor was convicted of planning the murder of a Russian politician. He installed his management team, spent millions on technology and a training facility. He's improved the team's prospects but the big test is ahead (sound familiar?)

Biathlon, which combines skiing and shooting, is among Russia's most popular sports.