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Vecsey on Josh Smith, Paul Millsap, Andrea Bargnani, Which is "doable?"


Peter Vecsey has become the Nets fan's late night friend, holding court on Twitter and offering his opinion, known to be informed, on possible trades. At least he's more interactive than the ESPN Trade Machine.

On Thursday, he put the chances of the Nets of acquiring Josh Smith as low; of trading for Paul Millsap quite possible with the aid of a third team -- and a hefty new contract; and of adding Andrea Bargnani as possibly "doable." Sometimes, his tweets are a bit hard to decipher, but we'll give it a shot.

On Josh Smith...

"Cross off JS. Nets don't have goods 2 get him should Atl decide 2 deal."

On Paul Millsap...

"Might b able 2 get PM thru 3d team. Wants 10M per 2 re-sign," adding, "Don't envision Kevin O'Connor losing asset 4 nothing. If not traded b4 Feb 21 deadline, he can always do S&T."

On Andrea Bargnani...

"AB often hurt & rarely rebounds commensurate w position. Still, he's poisonous f perimeter, skilled passer & has HIQ#doable?"

In general, Vecsey wrote, "I believe they're trying to maneuver to upgrade either SF or PF."