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Brooklyn Nets slowing it down as Deron Williams returns

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Unless there is a setback, Deron Williams will take the court again Tuesday for the first time in nine games.  His coach's game plan may be a little unfamiliar. Jason Kidd ,who had hoped his club would pick up the pace from last year --and had pushed the idea in his interview with Billy King, has decided to slow it down, go inside out, as he has done over the last few games

Brook Lopez now is second in the NBA player efficiency ratings and it's clear Kidd wants to take advantage of that and work within the bounds of his mostly unathletic and aging roster.

"Yeah, we are going to slow it down,'' Kidd said Saturday. "We are going to try to get the ball inside, work in and out. When you have that opportunity, and have a player like Brook, or Joe also, command double-teams, you are going to have some [open] shots that we made [Saturday]. We are not a team that's going to try to zoom up and try to score 110 points.''

D-Will was big proponent of the running game, saying at Media Day "We're going to run. I'm going to run and push the ball. I hope they run with me," then in preseason, " "You can’t hold the ball and go one-on-one."  But that is now the plan.

"This is who we are," said Kidd. "We have to get the ball inside."  And inside means Lopez.  The big man's improved ball handling and passing (four assists vs. Milwaukee) permit the Nets to pound it into their 7'1", 290 pivot, believing if he's double-teamed, he can find an open man.   At the same time, expect the Nets to use more of the zone on defense, again to compensate for their lack of athleticism. The Celtics on Tuesday night may be a good place to start. They don't have anyone with Lopez's size, strength and experience, but do have a quick roster.